Introductory Physics for Life Science Students (IPLS) resources

This page has links to several IPLS instructor resources.

Textbooks with some life science focus

Please note that these are not recommendations, as I have not had the time to review them all, but they do all contain life science examples.

Roger Freedman, Todd G. Ruskell, Philip R. Kesten, David L. Tauck, "College Physics," Freeman, 2014.  Algebra-based.

Randall D. Knight, Brian Jones, Stuart Field, " College Physics:  A strategic approach, 4th edition" Pearson, 2019.  Algebra based only.

Jay Newman, "Physics of the Life Sciences," Springer, 2008.  Some calculus is included, but is optional.

NEXUS physics for the life sciences,  calculus-based.

Morton M. Sternheim and Joseph W. Kane, "General Physics, Second edition," John Wiley and Sons, 1991.  Uses calculus on an as-needed basis.

Martin Zinke-Allmang, Reza Nejat, Eduardo Galiano-Riveros, Johann Bayer, Michael Xiaoke Chen, "Physics for the Life Sciences," Nelson Education, 2017.  Calculus-based, and introduced as needed.