Transportation & Parking

Parking lot in Portsmouth

Unfortunately, there is NO longterm parking available in the lot at the Market Street dock in Portsmouth. However, there are spaces available for vehicles (i.e. taxis) to park momentarily for drop-offs. Free long-term parking is available at the Portsmouth Transportation Center/Park & Ride (see below).

Participants that are arriving via C&J Bus Lines or driving themselves...
SML has arranged a 15 passenger van to run two shuttles from the Portsmouth Transportation Center/Park & Ride locatedat 185 Grafton Road, Portsmouth, NH 03801, right off I-95. If you are arriving via C&J Bus Lines, this terminal is your Portsmouth stop! 

The first shuttle will be leaving from the C&J Bus terminal at 12:15pm and transporting participants to the Market Street dock. This van will then return to the C&J bus terminal for a second shuttle that will depart at approximately 1:00pm. 

If you are driving yourself, park your vehicle in the overflow lot that is located on the left-hand side when you pull into the PTC (see attachment). From there, walk to the covered structure in the overflow lot. The shuttle will swing by to pick you up here shortly after it departs from the C&J Bus terminal at 12:15pm and 1:00pm. There are no staff members or restrooms available here, it is just a covered structure. 

NOTE: This shuttle service has been organized through a company outside of C&J buslines, so please avoid asking employees at the C&J terminal about the SML shuttle. There will be someone with a sign to help you identify the correct van. If you arrive and do not see the shuttle, do not panic. It is likely that the van is making its round and will return shortly! 


Participants being dropped off by friends, family, or a taxi...
Please plan to arrive at the dock by 12:45pm. An SML staff member will be standing by to greet you and check you in! Again, there is parking available for brief drop-offs at the Mark Street dock, located at 315 Market Street, Portsmouth, NH next to the Isles of Shoals Steamship Company.


Weekends can be VERY busy in the Seacoast NH/ME area, so please plan accordingly when traveling! If you get lost or miss the 1:00pm shuttle, please call Collin's cell at (616)848-9606.