About me

A place where I'm sharing a bit about my life, work, and interests of various kinds.

Vital Stats (Life Part 0)

Basic background info

Born 1970, Rochester, NY
Graduated Pittsford-Mendon High School, 1998
BA in Zoology from University of New Hampshire, 1992
MS in Zoology from University of New Hampshire, 1999

I currently reside in Lee, NH with my wife, Christine; step-son, Peter; and daugher, Anna.

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Work (Life Part 1)

What I do M-F 9-5, more or less

I work for the Academic Technology department at the University of New Hamshire.  I an a Senior Manager overseeing various IT services and infrastructure related to student and academic computing, media and collaboration, and web services.

I also teach at UNH each fall for the Computer Science department.  That's usually rather non-9-to-5.

Professionally, I'm involved with the NERCOMP organization, frequently presenting for them and helping to organized professional development events. Currently, I am very interested in DevOps and related practices.

Play (Life Part 2)

What I do other times

Here's a sampling:

  • Biological Research
    • Master's Research and Thesis
    • Freshwater Gastropods of North America Project
  • Birding and Natural History
    • My Life List
    • A Checklist of New Hampshire Birds
    • New Hampshire Audubon
    • Seacoast Chapter of NH Audubon
    • Seacoast Science Center
  • Gardening
  • Beer
  • Friends & Family