Human Interface

Human Interface

The JaneBot is everything except aggressive, this robot literally does not have a mean bone in its body.


  • Intelligent- The JaneBot is completely autonomous, meaning it is capable of thinkning on its own. This unique device is capable of maintaing attention to detail. Meaning, one can have a long conversation with the JaneBot. The JaneBot listens to what you have to say, along with the formulation of answers in regards to ones questions about academics, services, or general communication about how there may be nice weather given a specific week. 


  • Caring- The JaneBot is always looking out for its masters with the best intentions. This unique device is capable of saving your life if necessary. Given its durable material, the Janebot is capable of entering environments up to 400 degrees fahrenheit. Meaning, this device can literally save you from a burning house (or bedroom). 


  • Loyal- The JaneBot will never decieve you, it is simply not in its nature. The sole purpose of this unique device is to assist those in need. The opportunities for this device to assist you are endless. There should never be an occurence where the JaneBot is not of some value. 


  • Honesty- The JaneBot does not lie, simply because lying is not in the JaneBots morals or beliefs. 


  • Affordable- The JaneBot was not strictly restricted to the upper class. This device was designed to be a source of aid and assistance, along with educational benefits. This device is inteded for the general public and everything above.


  • Good Work Ethic- This device will surpass expectations regarding work ethic. You will not be dissapointed. 


  • Bilingual- This robot is efficient in both the English and French languages.


The JaneBot is considered the most respectable robot in the industry. 


For information on the bot's Mental Processing abilities click here.