Welcome, my name is Emily Masse

I'm an undergraduate at the University of New Hampshire studying Communication and Business. 


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I have always been fascinated with the ways we communicate, be it written, spoken, or artistically expressed. It’s a concept so familiar and common, yet complicated and vastly applicable. Communication exists everywhere, and is essential for a functioning society. An understanding of how communication works and how to produce it effectively is what I strive to know and practice.

How has communication impacted major events in history? How do you develop an image or face for an organization? How do we communicate between cultures? How do we utilize technology as a medium for communication? These questions plus many more are what I hope to find the answers to during my studies so I am able to apply my knowledge to a future career.

As I work towards earning my Bachelor's Degree in Communication with a focus in Business, my main interests have been in the fields of writingmarketing, and public relations. To gain knowledge and real-world exposure to these subjects, I've participated in several internship programs and campus organizations.

I have experience in non-profit social media and event marketing as well as direct marketing development and strategy. I'm a freelance content writer for a marketing organization where I compose industry articles—links to which can be found in my Writing Samples tab. I write for the #1 global new-media community for college women, HerCampus, as a member of the UNH Chapter. I am also a member of UNH Women in Business, which helps to build professional skills and networks through events and workshops.

In the future, I hope to use my skills in business, writing, and communication to lead an organization and produce impactful work worldwide.

To document my journey through undergraduate studies, I created this personal website through the University of New Hampshire. This site serves as a working portfolio containing most of my academic, professional, and personal work.

Feel free to email me with comments or questions, connect with me on LinkedIn, and follow me on Twitter.

Below is a Public Service Annoucement I created for a course concerning Student Debt in NH. For more information on this project, see the Undergraduate Work tab under Persuasive Writing.


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