What is telemedicine?

  • Define: the use of various forms of technology, such as video or audio calls, computers, etc. to deliver healthcare service. Can be delivered between a healthcare provider and a patient located remotely, or between multiple providers for collaboration.
  • Is more present in the time of COVID pandemic


What is telepresence?

  • Define: a virtual presence created by a healthcare provider that encompasses interpersonal, environmental, and technological factors.
  • There hasn’t been explicit research surrounding steps for effective telepresence


What variables contribute to effective telepresence based on the literature? (Topic statement)

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Preparation and environment
  • Technology-related factors

Impacts in healthcare field

  • Motivating sessions/therapy with clients
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Ensuring meetings are productive, address all needs on the agenda for the meeting, etc.
Heather Lowry, B.A.


Sarah Wildes, B.S.