As you may have seen within my email, unfortunately yesterday was rough. I tried uploading for basically half the day, but WiFi started acting iffy...and then complteley went down. I didn't want to have to deal with two late days so last minute I came up with the idea to type it out and email it to you with my less-than-fantastic data because I couldn't get anything to work on my laptop because of the WiFi. Then my data wasn't working and I found out I can't even have a personal hot spot because of my phone plan so i really couldn't send anything from my laptop, since my phone wasn't working. My roomie was gracious enough to let me use her hotspot but I tried to make it quick (and at this point it was slightly after midnight because everything was resfusing to send)-hence the many typos in last night's apology. 


Anyways, thank you for even looking at this. If I get two days worth of late points I understand and respect it. If you decide to graciously only give me one because i was trying hard to send it in yesterday i would REALLY appreciate it, but I know that's a low possibility. At least it's done. I feel pretty good about this week's log (there's even some images with commentary). 


I hope you enjoy. Let me know if there's any issues opening the link.

Again, technology all around is a struggle lately. The only way i could figure out to make the reading log look nice and insert stuff was through the doc, which was too big to import.