About Our Project

The Ethics of Telehealth: Lessons Learned and Pitfalls to Avoid was a collaborative project completed for CHHS 798/898 Introduction to Telehealth, Fall 2019. 


Topic Statement

The  benefits of telehealth are clear, however,  it became evident in our research that consideration must be given to what emerged as common themes with regard to ethical and legal implications for both patient and clinician. It is imperative that both health clinicians and patients are aware of the potential challenges, and that careful consideration is given to the ethical and legal parameters of this new modality of healthcare delivery. The scope of our research intended to be broad, recognizing that telehealth serves as a mode of service delivery among many helping professions such as physical and occupational therapy, psychology, social work, speech pathology, nursing, and medicine. In this context, these multidisciplinary clinicians are the primary stakeholders in the discussion. This project presents our findings on the ethical and legal considerations while weighing the risks and benefits of telehealth to include the patient-clinician relationship, privacy and security, and the responsibility and liability to provide quality healthcare.