Hello, my name is Brooke Gauthier. I'm an Envionmental Conservation and Sustainability major with two minors, Forestry and Wildlife Conservation and Biology, at the University of New Hampshire. I'm from Milford, Connecitcut, but chose to go out of state for college in order to really indulge myself within the vast forests outside of city life. I love being around people and venturing to new places, allowing me to have new experiences and appreciation for nature. I absolutely love being at UNH and wouldn't want to go to school anywhere else. The natural resource classes really allow me to get a hands on experience with nature. It is nice to take a break from a class room setting a few times a week and imburse myself within the forests found around campus. The University of New Hampshire has also provided me with opprotunities other colleges would not have been able to give me, such as a job in the McDowell Water Quality Analaysis Lab and a study abroad trip to New Zealand in Spring 2019 through the EcoQuest program.

My favorite tree is the Eastern Hemlock, and one of the first trees I learned to identify. I love the scaly brown bark that is produced with age and the small, flat, sprayed needles that pertrude off the twigs. I like touching the dull-pointed needles, running my fingers along the two white stripes found on the underside. Like me, Eastern Hemlocks are native to New England and can grow along the coast, though they prefer to live in the mountains (my home town is along the coast, but I prefer living near the mountains). Their shade tolerent, presistent growth reminds me to keep trying, even when conditions are bad and it is hard to see the bright side of things.

I plan on using this website for my professonal writing, lab reports and other environmental themed projects. I hope you enjoy looking through the research conducted, results gathered and knowledge learned about environmental aspects.


(an image of me at the Regional Water Authority's 2018 Watershed Scholarship Fund at the New Haven Country Club in Hamden, CT where I got to give a speech about my experiences thus far at UNH)


(classmates and I at the Woodman Horticultural Farm in Durham, New Hampshire)

Class and I