Research Team

Amin Rafiei

Amin Rafiei

Post-Doctoral Researcher and UNH Diversity Scholar (2020-Present)

PhD, Civil and Environmental Engineering, North Carolina State University

M.Sc., Civil Engineering, University of Tehran, Iran

B.Sc., Civil Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology, Iran

Research Topic: Marine Geotechnics and Energy Systems



Matthew Turner

PhD Student (2018-Present) 

M.Eng., Civil Engineering, UNH

B.Sc., Civil Engineering, UNH

Research Topic: Seismic Soil-Strcuture Interaction in Unsaturated Soils



Oladayo Komolafe

PhD Student (2019-Present) 

M.Sc., Civil Engineering, University of Lagos, Nigeria

B.Sc., Civil Engineering, University of Lagos, Nigeria

Research Topic: Laterial Response of Piles in Unsaturated Soils



Ian Gates

M.Sc. Student (2019-Present) 

B.Sc., Civil Engineering, Arkansas State University

Research Topic: Resiual Strength of Liquefied Soils


Morghan Carr

Morghan Carr

M.Sc. Student (2021-Present) 

B.Sc., Civil Engineering, University of New Hampshire

Research Topic: Permeability Assessment of Architected 3D-Printed Clays



Nicole King

Undergraduate Researcher

B.Sc., Environmental Engineering, University of New Hampshire (Expected May 2022)

Research Topic: Permeability Assessment of Architected 3D-Printed Clays



Previous Team Members:

Previous Post-Doctoral Researcher:



Sayed Masoud Mousavi

Post-Doctoral Researcher (2020)

Research Topic: Seasonal Load Restriction Framwork and Toolkit For Flooded Pavements

Currenlty at Exponent


Previous PhD Students:



Masoud Mousavi  PhD 2020

Dissertation Title: Dynamic Performance of Partially Saturated and Unsaturated Soils

Currenlty at Exponent


Amin Borghei   PhD 2019

Dissertation Title: Seismic Response Soil-foundation Systems in Unsaturated Ground

Currently at Geo-Logic Associates


Morteza Mirshekari   PhD 2018

Dissertation Title: Seismic Site Response Analysis Considering Partially Saturated Soils

Currently at Ninyo and Moore


Pegah Jarast Shamsabadi      PhD 2017

Dissertation Title: Numerical and Physical Modeling of Cone Penetration in Unsaturated Soils and Numerical Simulation of Fracture Propagation in Shale Rock during Brazilian Test

Cuurently at AECOM


Mohamed Elshaer       PhD 2017

Dissertation Title: Assessing the Mechanical Response of Pavements During and After Flooding; Date Graduated

Currently at USACE CRREL


Previous MSc Students:



Khoa Le       MSc  2016

Thesis Title: A Direct Simple Shear Device for the Dynamic Characterization of Partially Saturated Soil

Currently at GeoEngineers Inc. 


Ganna Suprunenko       MSc  2015

Thesis Title:  Suction-Controlled Cyclic Triaxial Test to Measure Strain-Dependent Dynamic Shear Modulus of Unsaturated Sand

Currently at Geocomp


Previous MEng Students:


Matthew Turner    MEng 2020; Currently PhD student at UNH

Adam Murphy         MEng 2018 ; Currenlty at SGH

Andrew Martin        MEng 2018


Previous Visiting Scholars/Students :


Sahar Ghadirianniari     MSc at Sharif University of Technology, Iran; Soil-Pile Interaction in Unsaturated Soil.

Zoltan Ban                           MSc at Hungary; Torsional Ring Shear for Liquefaction Evaluation.


Previous Undergraduate/non-civil Researchers:

Vinayak Chaturvedi, Flooded Pavement Assessment Toolkit

Annmarie Picinich, Moisture Effects on Pavement Response

Rezwan Ali, Centrifuge Modeling Applications

Matthew Turner, Effect of Water Fluctuation on Seismic Site Response

Kimberly Perkins, Mositure effects on Pavement Performance

Erik Rosler, Mositure effects on Pavement Performance 

John Lordan, Large Scale Laminar Container

Bimochan Poudyal; Large Scale Laminar Container

Adienne Hill; Physical Modeling and Empirical Evaluation of Strut Loads in Braced Excavation System

Jill Getchell; Physical Modeling and Empirical Evaluation of Strut Loads in Braced Excavation System

Rachel Provost; Experimental Techniaues in Unsaturated Soils

Megan Hamilton; Effect of Degree of Saturation on Deep Foundation Response

Khoa Le; Developing Suction-Controlled Triaxial System