Reading Log Assignment 1_Giovanni Amado


  • What I like about Harry Styles - Sign of the Times song is that it’s about moving past your grief and sorrow. However, what I find interesting about the song is how similar it is to poetry. Harry Styles frequent use of repetition and tone in order to express how he is feeling during different parts of his song is a great example as to how song’s like this is similar to modern poetry.

  • In poetry repetition refers to the use of the same word or phrase multiple times in order to put emphasis on a point. Harry Styles repeats the phrase “Just stop your crying, it's a sign of the times” multiple times in his song. Furthermore, Harry Styles also repeats the phrase “ we gotta get away” multiple times too, all in order to emphasize his point on moving on from grief and sorrow.

  • Harry Styles use of repetition in his song is a narrative tool meant to emphasise the importance of not crying during times of hardships because tears are not going to change anything. Instead of crying it’s better to just move on with your life and not let the bad things that happen change who you are.

  • In poetry tone is the feeling displayed by the poet toward the subject of the poem. In Harry Styles song the tone is slow during the first verse but then the pace picks back up during the second verse only to slow back down by the end of the song. 

  • The multiple shifts in the tone of the song is meant to emphasize different stages of the narrator’s  grief. In the beginning the tone is slow because the narrator is sad and is only starting to grief. When the tone begins to pick up the narrator seems to be more frustrated than sad because he is having trouble in learning to accept and move past his grief. Finally, towards the end the tone slows back down because the poet has gotten over his grief and frustration and has begun to move forward with his life

  • The use of poetry tools like tone and repetition is so apparent in the song Harry Styles - Sign of the Times. That it makes me wonder what makes a poem a poem? And if a song can be this similar to a poem in almost every way. Then doesn’t that just mean that music in general is just another form of poetry? 

  • This topic between music and poetry has gotten me curious and moving forward during this semester. I am looking forward to finding out how to distinguish a song from a poem and maybe I could probably learn how to write my own poem as well.