Reading Log Assignment 4_Giovanni Amado


  • I went on Youtube and found a production of A Midsummer Night's Dream by Summit High School. I have decided to use Act 3 Scene 2 of this production to explore the ways that seeing the script acted out on the stage. Influence the way that I understand the events that have taken place with Lysander, Demetrius, Helena and Hermia. 

  • Seeing this play acted out is far better than just reading it in the book because the movements of the characters, not to mention how they physically interact with each other is just hilarious, but I suppose this is a comedy so that's kind of the point. I mean in this Scene Lysander and Demetrius are both professing their love to Helena, but I would have never guessed that they were so close to her. For example in one part of the scene Demetrius is actually touching Helena’s face while he pours out his love for her, which is just hellarius. But still, they are so close to her that at this point I would call their advances on her as an invasion of personal space. Furthermore, Helena is so put off by their advances because she believes that all their acts of  love is just a ploy meant to mock her. Helena believes this to be so because Lysander and Demetrious were originally rivals in love who were pining after Hermia. The shock and disbelief that Helena is feeling towards the advances of Lysander and Demetrious in this scene leads her to make just the funniest facial expressions I have ever seen which makes it really hard to watch this scene without laughing. However, what really made this scene a joy to watch for me was when Hermia finally found Lysander. Here we have Lysander, the man Hermia loves and hope’s to marry, confessing his love to another woman who is Helena. I know that after this revelation in the book Hermia and Helena have a bit of a falling out, but no ware in the book does Hermia grabs Helena by the hair and begins to rudely insult her. However, watching this scene instead of reading it allows you to visually see just how angry Hermia is at Helena. I mean we as the reader’s know that Lysander is just under the influence of a love spell but Hermia does not. In her point of view it just looks like Helena, a person who Hermia once considered a friend has just stolen Lysander from her. So of course Hermia is angry with Helena but by watching the play instead of reading it I now have a better understanding on just how much anger Hermia has towards Helena.

  • Watching Act 3 Scene 2 of A Midsummer Night's Dream by Summit High School was a fond experience for me because it helped me to better understand the frustration and confusion felt by Helena. Towards the continued advancements of love displayed by Lysander and Demetrius. Furthermore, it helped me better understand the anger that Hermia must be feeling towards Helena because in Hermia’s point of view Helena is a traitor who stole the man that she loved. Honestly, this scene was just an absolute joy to watch. It was funny, it had a lot of drama, and it got me interested in wanting to watch more plays like this in the future.

Last updated on 10/16/2020