Reading Log Assignment 5_Giovanni Amado


  1. Annotations like the word choice of the author of the story is helpful in understanding some context about when and where the short story is taking place. For example, I was unfamiliar with the word “yonder” from the short story “story of an hour”. However, after searching up the definition online I found out that “yonder” is a word that originated in the south that means far away. Which in turn allows me to infer that the short story is most likely taking place somewhere in the south.

  2. I can use various online sources like google in order to learn the meaning of words and phrases that i do not know. However, no source is more reliable than the UNH library archives. The UNH library is fully accessible online and unlike google, not only do I get the definition of words or phrases that I don’t know. I also get historical insight on where and more importantly when the word or phrase was widely used.

  3. Different contexts affect the way a short story is viewed by me because a story is meant to emphasize what someone is feeling or what they are going through. Therefore, it is not much of a shock to say that what people want to write about are their experiences during the time they have spent in this world. Furthermore, different time periods means different experiences for the people living in those time periods. That is why in order for us readers to have a better grasp on how people are thinking or feeling in their story. One must first be aware of when and where the story is taking place. Discovering the meaning behind the word choice of the author is  one of the many annotating techniques that is prevalent in better understanding context.