Reading Log Assignment 6_Giovanni Amado


  • In class we have explored many different plays like A midsummers nights Dream. Including various poems and short stories that help us the student’s better understand the concept of literature. However, I must say that throughout this class my favorite part was diving into some of Shakespeare's classic plays. I must say that compared to all the plays, short stories, and poems we have enjoyed in class, Shakespeare has to be my favorite. Which is why I am disappointed that we as a class have not dived into more works that were done by shakespeare.

  • More specifically, I would have enjoyed it if this class focused more on one of Shakespeare's best plays called Hamlet. I am fairly certain that this class may have read a passage or two of the story but I would have liked to have dived into the whole story as a class because out of all of Shakespeare's classics, Hamlet is my favorit. Hamlet is a Shakespearen tragedy that centers around the Prince of Denmark, whom you may have guessed is Prince Hamlet. In this story we follow Prince Hamlet and his quest for revenge against his uncle, Claudius, who murdered his father in order to seize the throne and marry his mother.

  • One of the reasons that I love Hamlet so much and I think that this class may benefit from reading it is because it tackles more mature themes like the theme of revenge and is revenge really worth it, through it’s morally complex main character Hamlet. In this story the reader’s come face to face with Hamlet’s internal struggle in his quest to obtain his revenge and external struggle from dealing with the consequences of his revenge. Consequences that eventually lead to the destruction of the throne of Denmark, the death of his family, the death of the woman he loved, and Ultimately his own death as well. Us reader’s are forced to question whether or not Hamlet's quest for revenge was truly justified, considering all the bad that came after Hamlet took his revenge for his father, is revenge for any reason truly worth it and if it is then what is the difference between Vengeance and Justice.

  • The internal struggle that Hamlet faces through his choice to seek vengeance for his father to me is one of the best hallmarks to this play. I mean the picture says it all “remember thee! ay, thou poor ghost, while memory holds a seat in this distracted globe.". Here Hamlet believes that he is speaking to the ghost of his late father, a man who was unjustly robbed of everything he had by a man he thought he could trust. I mean Hamlet shouldn't be hesitating with getting revenge, Considering all that his uncle Claudius has done to him it should be obvious that Hamlet is justified in his revenge against him. Furthermore, he is haunted by the ghost of his father that is craving for his son to provide him with some sort of justice. Therefore, we the reader’s don’t have to just consider whether or not Hamlet’s choice of revenge was justified or not, we also have to put in perspective that with all that Hamlet has gone through, did he ever have a choice in getting revenge?


Last updated on 11/24/2020