My name is Geoffrey Bearden, and I am currently a sophomore at the University of New Hampshire. I am creating this website for an assignment for my Persuasive Writing class. I am currently a psychology major, but my main interests are revolved around business. I plan to transfer into the business school second semester of my sophomore year. I plan to study economics and business management in the Paul School of Business.

I grew up in Hingham, Ma., twenty minutes outside of Boston. I attended Hingham High School, where I played many sports. I played basketball, baseball, and football. Football was my best sport, and my senior year I was elected captain of my team. It was a great honor, and I learned a lot about what it takes to be a leader and the qualities of someone in a leadership role. 

Before attending the University of New Hampshire, I attended Fairfield University in Connecticut. Fairfield was a small Jesuit school with 3,500 undergraduate students. I decided to leave Fairfield after my first semester, and I then moved onto the University of Massachusetts Boston. The University of Massachusetts Boston was a commuter school with a medium sized student body. I decided to then transfer to the University of New Hampshire due to their advanced curriculum, and the location.

In the future I hope to go into the career of business. As of now, I am interested in the field of marketing, with an intention of recieving a writing minor.  I am interested in business due to the potential, and wide variety of career options. Marketintg in particular interets me due to the ability to explore multiple career options, and have the opportunity to sell products. I am interested in writing due to the need for writers in the marketing field. The University of New Hampshire is a great university to study how to excel in my future career aspirations. 


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