Community Engagement

The Healthy Families Research Program is committed to collaborating with community stakeholders in family health including parents, special education and related service providers, and pediatric healthcare providers such as occupational therapists and pediatricians.  Dr. Smith is available to meet with community members to engage in topics of interest or need from you.  She is also available to provide formal or informal consultations, presentations, or workshops tailored to your unique needs.  She presents regularly on topics related to family health and pediatric occupational therapy service provision.  Some of Dr. Smith's community engagements, presentations, and workshops include the following:


Twenty-One Senses.  Twenty-One Senses is a nonprofit organization that supports parents and caregivers of chidren with sensory processing needs through awareness building, parent-coaching, and extensive resource provision.  Twenty-One Senses and the Healthy Families Research Program share a common purpose in supporting families to be able to engage in the everyday life activities that they want to do as a family. We both value providing resources and support to help families in their jounrney toward community participation.  We are partnering in implementation of the Healthy Families Flourish Program at UNH as well as the Sensory Scout Program at Twenty-One Senses.


Use of occupational therapy in supporting family and youth resilience. 2022, Subject matter expert presenter. Mental Health Care Access in Pediatrics, Project ECHO, NH. Presented to pediatric primary care providers on the role of occupational therapy in supporting pediatric social and emotional health and child and family resilience.

Evidence-based occupational therapy approaches for children with ADHD and/or trauma. 2021, Subject matter expert presenter. Mental Health Care Access in Pediatrics, Project ECHO, NH. Presented to pediatric primary care providers on occupational therapy as an intervention modality for supporting children with ADHD and/or trauma to participate in everyday routines and activities.

Family engagement in supporting children with anxiety and depression. 2020, Subject matter expert co-presenter. Mental Health Care Access in Pediatrics, Project ECHO, NH. Presented to pediatric primary care providers on authentic family engagement in services.

Considering the health of families: Implications for pediatric OT practice.  2019, presenter.  New Hampshire Occupational Therapy Association. Manchester, NH. Presented to occupational therapists qualities of healthy families and how to support these qualities in our pediatric therapy interventions.

Critically appraising research: An evidence-based practice primer. 2014, Invited presenter.  Ability Group Pediatric Therapy Clinic.  Anchorage, AK.  Presented to occupational and physical therapists about how to locate, read, interpret and apply research articles to practice.

Gross motor function classification and prognostication for children with cerebral palsy. 2013, Invited presenter. 3rd Medical Wing Pediatrics and Family Support Group. Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, AK.  Presented to pediatricians on applications of the GMFCS to medical decision making and therapy referral processes.


Supporting self-regulation in elementary school students.  2013, Invited presenter.  Anchorage School District. Eagle River, AK.  Presented to general education and special education teachers on practical ways to embed self regulation strategies in the classroom and school environments for all children. 

Applying the ICF to school-based occupational therapy practice for students with eating and feeding dysfunction. Invited 2015 trainer.  Anchorage School District.  Anchorage, AK.  Provided workshop for school-based occupational therapists on practical ways to evaluate and provide eating and feeding interventions to maximize student's participation in snack and mealtimes at school.

Eating and feeding dysfunction in infants and children on the autism spectrum.  2003, Invited presenter. Anchorage School District. Anchorage, AK.  Presented to school-based occupational and physical therapists on eating and feeding for children with autism.  Provided specific evaluation and intervention strategies for application to improve children's mealtime outcomes.

Developmentally appropriate hand skills. 2003, Invited presenter.  Anchorage School District.  Eagle River, AK.  Presented to early childhood special education teachers on development of hand skills in preschool aged children.  Provided specific strategies to support development of skills within the natural environment of the early childhood classroom.

Fine motor skill development in the typical child.  2001, Invited trainer.  Headstart Foundation. Anchorage, AK.  Provided workshop for Headstart teachers on the development of hand skills in preschool children.  Provided specific ideas for supporting the development of these skills embedded within the natural environment of the early childhood classroom.


Service-Learning: Connecting faculty, students, and community partners together.  Workshop presenter.  2015 UAA Leadership Conference: Leadership Redefined.  Anchorage, AK.  Presented to students and faculty about developing, implementing, and evaluating service learning within course curricula.

A post-professional doctorate: Impacts on professional practice and personal development. Invited Presenter.  2015 Oklahoma Occupational Therapy Association State Conference.  Tulsa, OK.  Presented to occupational therapists about decision making factors influencing the choice to obtain a post-professional doctorate as well as personal and professional growth outcomes.


If you are interested in setting up a meeting, presentation, or workshop please contact Dr. Smith at or call 603.862.2463