Healthy Families Flourish Program

The Healthy Families Flourish Program is a free 10-session program provided over telehealth by a licensed occupational therapist, or a supervised graduate occupational therapy student for families of children with special health care needs.  The program is designed to support a family's ability to participate in the everyday activities the family wants, needs, or is expected to do.  Everyday activities for a family are highly unique but some examples include: having a family meal together, navigating a smooth morning routine, siblings playing together in the family home, or going on a family walk.

We spend a lot of time helping our children be their best-- to grow, and develop and if our child has a special health care need we understand the unique planning and thought that go into everyday activities. It’s also important to think about our family as a unit and how we as families can be our best, grow, and develop. The Healthy Families Flourish Program provides for intentional time set apart to think about what your family’s goals might be.  We think about what kinds of family activities you want, need, or are expected to do in your everyday lives and set two goals unique to your family to work on during the program.  Each session becomes a strategy session in which we develop ideas as partners to try out toward your family’s goal achievement.

This program is part of an active research project at UNH.  For more information about the Healthy Families Flourish Program, please contact the project director at or 603.862.2463.  Thank you.