Science Motivation


HelioSwarm Science Motivation:   Resolving Turbulence Across Scales

  • The majority of visible matter in the universe is plasma: stars (our Sun), stellar (and solar) winds, interstellar medium, accretion disks, etc.


  • Three universal plasma physics processes govern all these systems:
  1. Magnetic  Reconnection 
  2. Shocks                                        
  3. Turbulence                           
  • These plasma processes are all highly dynamical, involving couplings between separate scales, ranging from fluid (MHD) scales to microphysical (ion and electron) scales – full understanding requires multipoint cross-scale measurements of the plasma physics


  • HelioSwarm’s multipoint, cross-scale measurements of heliospheric plasmas allow direct testing of unresolved turbulence theories applicable throughout the universe