Welcome to H.E.L.P.!

Conference Hours Summer 2019

HELPer Jane Chen is available for appointments this summer weekdays (M-F) from 10am to 12pm! Use the appointment system to make an appointment, OR contact Jane at nc1073@wildcats.unh.edu/cnj0707_nuo on WeChat to schedule an appointment directly, OR come to the HELP office in 149S Hamilton Smith during her appointment hours to see if she is free.

About H.E.L.P

H.E.L.P. is a group of multilingual international UNH students who have completed English language instruction and who have been trained to give assistance for writing and presentation assignments. HELPers are available for one-on-one conferences to share their knowledge and give advice on assignments from a variety of classes and majors, and because all HELPers are multilingual, conferences can be conducted in a variety of languages! See HELPers' Profiles in the "HELPers and Advisors" tab for language choices.

HELPers can help you to:

  • understand an assignment

  • brainstorm topic ideas

  • develop a clear thesis

  • develop support and examples

  • organize ideas

  • work on grammar/mechanics

  • cite sources in different styles

  • ...and more!