All appointments are held in Hamilton Smith Hall room 149S (first floor in the back of the building). 

Appointment System

To use the appointment system, go to appointlet system at If you are not familiar with appointlet, you can follow the instructions below. You can always contact a HELPer or advisor directly using the contact information on the "HELPers and Advisors" tab as well!

To schedule a conference:

  1. Log in to appointlet at:
  2. select a member.
  3. Pick a date and time.
  4. Enter your name and Email
  5. Write what you want to discuss during the conference in the text box and click "Confirm Appointment."

You will get an email confirmation with options to contact your HELPer or change your appointment. Then, you can go to ESL Institute - 149S Hamilton Smith for your conference!