High Altitude Biology

Date: 1942
Owner: Science
Source Type: Publications


In this article, Carlos Monge-Medrano described his research on how the low oxygen levels in the Peruvian highlands affect the physiology of both natives and visitors. It was published eleven years after the founding of the Institute of Andean Biology, an internationally recognized institute in high altitude research and one that gave added legitimacy to Peruvian science. Monge's subjects in this article ranged in scope from athletics to psychology, but his primary focus is on the various illnesses caused by oxygen deprivation. When reading this article, think carefully about what Monge is and is not emphasizing about Peru and its inhabitants, considerations that are closely tied to nationalism and prevalent cultural ideas of indigenismo (the promotion of Native American civilization). Also examine his methods and findings in this light.
CITATION: Monge, Carlos. "Life in the Andes and Chronic Mountain Sickness." In Science, New Series, Vol. 95, No. 2456 (Jan. 23, 1942), pp. 79-84.