Patagonian Dinosaur Fossils

Date: 2011
Owner: SRAPix
Source Type: Images


Patagonia's wealth of fossils continues to unveil new secrets about the ancient earth, yet it also helps to promulgate a corps of specialists that have put Argentine paleontology back on the world stage. Dr. Bonaparte, who recently served as director of the Museo Nacionale de Ciencias Naturales, is an international leader in both mammal and dinosaur paleontology and has discovered well over a dozen new species during his many years in the field. Other major research institutions such as the Museo de La Plata and the smaller Museo Municipal de Ciencias Naturales Lorenzo Scaglia continue to amass collections and publish scholarly journals.

Many of the excavations in Patagonia and elsewhere in Argentina are still done by foreign expeditions, mostly from the U.S., but there has been a consistent increase in both scholarly dialogue and onsite interaction between native and international scientists. The result has been a plethora of new discoveries that continue to illuminate our understanding of this most ancient Latin American history.

CITATION: SRAPix. "A Gleam in his Daddy's Eye", display of dinosaur bones and eggs in the Museo Paleontologico Edigio Feruglio, in Patagonia, 2011.