Resende Nuclear Plant

Date: 19 Oct 2004
Owner: Global Security
Source Type: Buildings


This photograph shows the uranium enrichment facility at Resende, Brazil. The Brazilian government refused to allow a delegation of U.N. nuclear experts to inspect its centrifuge in 2004, claiming that the country wanted to protect its industrial secrets. Brazil claims that the centrifuge at resende allows for an ultra-modern enrichment process, one that is both more cost effective and efficient than techniques used in the United States. The U.N., however, was worried that Brazil could be enriching weapons-grade uranium at the facility, causing a stalemate that delayed the plant's operation. An agreement was ultimately reached that would allow inspectors to monitor the output of the centrifuge without actually seeing the device, setting a precedent that many worry may lead to the illegal production of nuclear weapons in other countries, notably Iran. The Resende plant finally began enriching Brazilian uranium in May of 2006 and government officials hope that Brazil will be able to supply all of its own uranium by 2015.
CITATION: Landscape view of Resende nuclear facility, Brazil. Image copyright