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Indigenous Mathematics of Central and South America- Mathematics and the Liberal Arts (Truman State University): Bibliography and accompanying descriptions of books and articles related to the history of mathematics in Latin America.

The Quipucamayu (Sweet Briar College- Department of Spanish): Description of the Inca Quipu and its importance in Inca law, government, and mathematics.

Centro de Textiles Tradicionales del Cusco (CTTC)

Conservation and Technical Study of a Colonial Andean Tapestry (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Mathematics of the Incas (University of St. Andrews, Scotland)


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Urton, Gary. Signs of the Inka Khipu: Binary Coding in the Andean Knotted-String Records. Austin: University of Texas Press, 2003. 

Films and Videos

Ancient Inca  (Schlessinger Media, 1998)

In the Shadow of the Incas (Films for the Humanities and Social Sciences, 1993)

Inca: Secrets of the Ancestors (Time-Life Video & Television, 1995)

Peruvian Weaving (Berkeley Media LLC, 1980)

Qeros: The Shape of Survival (Berkeley Media LLC, 1979)