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Maya Civilization- Cosmology and Religion  (Canadian Museum of Civilization Corporation): Descriptions of Maya beliefs and incorporation of cosmology and religion into their lives.

Maya Civilization- Astronomy (Canadian Museum of Civilization Corporation): Description of Maya contributions and spiritual connections to astronomy.

Maya Civilization- The Maya Calendar (Canadian Museum of Civilization Corporation): Description of the Maya-devised calendar and the spiritual significance of the numbers in the calendar.

The Maya Astronomy Page (Michielb): Explanation of the numbers and symbols used in Maya mathematics and astronomy.

The Maya Calendar (Maya World Studies Center): An in-depth description of the Maya Calendar, including historical background information and the day's date and significance on the Maya calendar.

The Maya Mathematical System (Maya World Studies Center): Detailed explanation of the Maya mathematical system, including explanation of symbols and Maya names for numbers.

Indigenous Mathematics of Central and South America- Mathematics and the Liberal Arts (Truman State University): Bibliography and accompanying descriptions of books and articles related to the history of mathematics in Latin America.

Mayan Mathematics (University of St. Andrews, Scotland)


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Films and Videos

Maya: Lords of the Jungle (PBS Home Video, 1997)

Maya: The Blood of Kings  (Time-Life Video & Television, 1995)