Source References

Web Sites

Columbus and the Age of Discovery (Millersville University of Pennsylvania): Page dedicated to the 500th anniversary of Columbus' voyage.

The European Voyages of Exploration (Applied History Research Group): Site with essays, images, and artifacts from the era of European exploration.

Explorers of South America (Andre Engels)

Exploring the Early Americas (Library of Congress)

Champlain's America: New France and New England (The John Carter Brown Library)


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Films and Videos

1492: Conquest of Paradise (Paramount Pictures, 1992)

Aguirre, Wrath of God  (New Yorker Films, 1971)

Cabeza de Vaca  (Concorde Pictures , 1992)

Chichen Itza: The Fall of the Mayan Empire   (Films for the Humanities and Social Sciences, 1991)

Columbus and the Age of Discovery (WGBH Boston, 1991)

Fall of the Aztec and Maya Empires (Questar, 1999)

Spain in the New World (Films for the Humanities and Social Sciences, 1986)