Rhetorical Essay Rough Draft 1


Rhetorical Analysis of the Health Care System

Today many people see going to the hospital as an expensive last resort which only brings bad news and pricey medical bills. Its not wrong to feel this way as more people come in for treatment only to end up getting sicker or receiving some new disease. These circumstances of course aren’t their fault, but rather the doctor whose patient put their trust in. The current system we have clearly has problems which put numerous communities at unnecessary risk. Eric Dishmen’s Ted Talk, Health Care Should be a Sports Team, focuses on what he believes will make a major impact on the current health care system. Dishmen uses ethos, pathos, and logos to express how there is a serious need to improve the health care system through better communication between specialist and doctors as well as increased patient interactions in their own health.


Dishmen’s talk about health care takes a critical look at at some of the major flaws he has seen in the system as well as his own personal experiences. Several times through-out his life he had been on the receiving end of medical mistakes which happened to him early on in his childhood. After he had gone in to a hospital get surgery on a broken elbow, he had spent time recovering in a hospital bed were he happened to get bed sores which quickly became infected (1). To help battle of this infection while he recovered, he was given antibiotics (1). Unfortunately for Dishmen no one had taken into account his allergy to the antibiotic they used on him which caused him to break out and caused his infection to spread across his body (1).  Later on in his college years he had been diagnosed by several doctors with two rare type of kidney disease which they told him would destroy his kidneys along with cancer-like cell in his immune system (1). They told him because of his unique circumstance he’ll never be eligible to receive a kidney transplant and to make matters worst they told him he only had about two to three years left to life (1). As of today he has proved them wrong as he was told that twenty-eight years ago living with a new transplant kidney he was told wouldn’t work for him (1). Dishmen had faced more then his fare share of trials and hardships do to miscommunications in hospitals. Now these days Dishmen is a medical tech specialist looking to make a difference in with new ways of think and dealing with sickness.


Dishmen’s talk argues that the system used in hospitals and clinics are too outdated and needs to be modernized. This argument is a logo, as it is factual as well as being a part of the field. His ethos come from research he had down on the system of health care. z=Dishmen has been on both ends of the spectrum as a patient and a specialist and since the disconnect on both ends. He stated his thought on that matter saying, “Humans invented the idea of hospitals and clinics in the 1780s. It is time to update our thinking. (1)” His knowledge on patient care as well as his work in the field has lead he to believe that the entire system needs to be reconstructed. His quote shows how he believes that the system in use isn’t cutting it and there is room for improvement. He is hopeful in the idea that we will be able the reshape our health care to something more beneficial for their patients. Dishmen displaced his knowledge and how a new direction needs to be taken. His new style of thanking is an important piece to making a new health care system.    

In Eric Dickmen’s speech, he claims how people would rather avoid taking a trip hospital as it can lead to other difficulties. He based this ethos off his own personal experiences as he knows the extent it can reach. Dishmen has witnessed first hand how a hospital visit can go wrong. He stated, “because these places are often the wrong tool, and the most expensive tool, for the job.” He had personally experienced as he said, “Three different specialists had prescribed three different versions of the same drug to me. I did not have a heart problem. I had an overdose problem. (1)” As a patient, it can be incredibly difficult, confusing, and frustrating to deal with. This type of thing should not happen if things where more closely monitored. This shows how the old style of health is obsolete as it can increase sickness and be costly.

Dishmen states in his talk, Health Care Should be a Sports Team, how he believes people need to also rely more on themselves and play a greater role when it comes to their health care. This argument is based on ethos that he was able to. His ethos is grounded from his creditability in his field as well as it’s technology. During his speech he took out a scanner that connected to his phone and said, “So we're going to actually do a live exam… (1)” He showed his audience how he took his own health into his hands after being mistreated so many times before.


In conclusion, Dishmen made several vital points on the importance of creating new style of health care. As a known professional and patient, Dishman’s is in the best possibly position to make statements on this topic as it moves him personally. This issue has constantly been plaguing our country in the shades and this problem needs to be brought to the public. This minor miscommunication plans can very easily happen to anyone regardless of age or status. His speech was a very effective mean of displaying the urgency of this issue by using his not only his intellect, but by sharing his personal accounts with the audience.





















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Hello, my name is Kirby Toussaint and this I the mypage I created. Over the past few months as I created this page that brought different aspects of healthcare together and seemed difficult to find the overarching theme. Ultimately I found that it had been looking be in the face the whole time as my writing had a similar underlying message. This mypage focuses on my interest on the need for change the medical field. This change being that we must be more proactive in healthcare by building a stronger bond between doctors and patients as well as putting more of the patients control in their own hands.

From my first paper I believed that mistakes in the medical field can have drastic consequences because of minor errors and miss communications. Millions of people have been negatively affected by this and i personally fall under this category. At the end of the day it isn’t one specific person fault but really the lack of reform to do change these problems. These site shows how I believe that it is possible for a positive change to happen and help create a better healthcare system.

This sites is based on the idea that health shouldn’t be something we just take care of at hospital and with our doctors. The best way to maintain a good quality of health is by being proactive instead of reactive. To do that we can no longer rely only on or doctors and caregivers. True health can be reached by making personal choices to better ourselves along with the aid from hospitals and clinics.

Thought out this site it can be seen ways that people can take their health into their own hands in a number of ways. Along with this, how we can help with the health of others around. Many people are afraid to help others that battle continuous illness and don't know where to start. In the one of my papers and my PSA i focused on one of these major problems, mental illness. Many Americans today face a daily struggle with this illness as 1 in 5 adults have a mental issue. This is a growing problem that many people face alone because of the lack of awareness and understanding of the issues it causes. When I first started researching this i was very unclear on what the actually issues was with mental health and didn’t know that there so many numerous forms of it. After educating myself on the topic I found it to be something very important to maintain health. A health body starts with a health mind. Many conditions that must Americans have stemmed from a mental illness. The problem is that the stigma around mental illness is very negative and people with it are seen as crazy and incurable. That why this site is focused on education people that health is a continuous battle that can be won through personal care and awareness.