Art Department Exhibition

"Come Back Home: Music, Dance, and Video Design as Methods of Relational Truth-Seeking" with students Emily Wozer, Emily Shafritz & Lily Neher. Professors Liese Zahabi and Kevin Healey.

Professors Kevin Healey and Liese Zahabi produced a series of music and dance videos as part of the We Hold These Truths grant program. They worked with three UNH dance students: Emily Wozer, Emily Shafritz, and Lily Neher, who choreographed and performed in these pieces. Kevin Healey wrote all of the original music, and Liese Zahabi did the video design and animation.

Neon trails overlay the images of two dancers


Projects from Hype-the-Humanities 2021!

Department of Art & Art History

This exhibition is a celebration of the graduating students from the Department of Art and Art History. It is a showcase for the culmination of accomplished work completed during intensive and engaging study. Curated by the faculty, the graduating Studio Art and Studio Art/Art Education students present their most advanced work, while the Bachelor of Fine Arts candidates present their undergraduate thesis made over the year in their Senior Seminar course. This exhibition reflects the world in new and unexpected ways. It is our pleasure to recognize the achievements of students from all three-degree programs and to encourage the ambitions of these emerging artists who promise to enrich the future with their talents.


Art and Art History


Advanced Drawing with Professor Jennifer Moses

Angela Hur "The Evolution of a Drawing"

In the department of UNH Art & Art History, from Professor Jennifer Moses’ Advanced Drawing class, student Angela Hur presents “Evolution of a Drawing” A 2-minute video that documents the progression of a drawing.


Lucas Booth

Final Project: Make a series of drawings This series is made by Lucas Booth. it is based on a deck of cards. Lucas asked family and friends to give him a noun and an adjective. Each suit is based on an assigned noun and an adjective. The Jokers are self portraits.



Megan Wilson Senior Seminar

From UNH Art & Art History, this is Megan Wilson’s senior seminar projectfor Naked Arts: Creativity Exposed!taught by Professor Jennifer Moses. Thisthree-part event exposes the inner creative process of artists working in various disciplines.The presentersdescribe the process, research, and other creative aspects undertaken to bring an artistic creation from initial inspiration to the stage or gallery.


Please enjoy this video showcasing the Department of Art and Art History, and all it has to offer!


Katherine Gleason is a Senior BA student in Ceramics. Please enjoy her Ceramics Rainbow video here!

Lansing Ward, Photography

Lansing Ward is a senior BFA candidate at the University of New Hampshire. Please enjoy his photography!

Allison Hoey, Fine Arts

Allison Hoey is a senior, Bachelor of Fine Arts candidate at the University of New Hampshire. Please enjoy her work!Painting of two people by Allison Hoey



Paiting of two figures by Allison Hoey



Paiting of person peeking over a sink by Allison Hoey


Tejas Moses, Ceramics

Tejas Moses is a senior Bachelor of Fine Arts candidate in Ceramics at the University of New Hampshire. Please enjoy his “Post Covid Wall” exhibit!