CCSNH-UNH Honors Transfer Pilot program

Some of the first students have come from CCSNH into the Pilot CCSNH and UNH Honors Transfer Program!!


What does this mean?


Every year, hundreds of community college students transfer to UNH to complete their degrees, many of them to the College of Liberal Arts. A new program is allowing high achieving scholars to coordinate with the UNH Honors Program in order to get a jump on becoming a distinguished four year scholar with UNH. 

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Melissa Sprague is one of the first CCSNH students to transfer to UNH as part of this pilot. Melissa completed three UNH Honors courses and an NHHC summer research project while still at NHTI. She is now able to transfer to the Honors program at UNH with much of her freshman and sophomore Honors work already completed! 

To find out more about transferring from the a New Hampshire Community College to UNH, check out our webpage that makes it easy:

You can also check back soon for more information about the CCSNH/UNH Honors Pilot!

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