ENGL712 Multimedia Storytelling with Professor Scott Ripley

Hayley Barnhard'22

Hayley Barnhard'22 produced this video for her final project for English 712 Video Storytelling with Professor Scott Ripley. The Durham NH band, Alligator Extinction Plan, plays at the Freedom Cafe's soft opening at their new location

Picture of a seated young woman with the words alligator extinction

Josie Collins '22, Gianna Koning '22, and Melanie Tymn '21

Story produced by Josie Collins '22, Gianna Koning '22, and Melanie Tymn '21 for English 712 Multimedia Storytelling. Here is their description: Although the UNH Improv Club, UNH's one and only Improv Comedy Troupe, has not been able to perform live this year due to coronavirus pandemic restrictions, they have still found creative ways to keep the spirit alive. Johanna Rewucki '21, the producer and member of the club, talks about what the group is doing differently amid the pandemic.

picture of a girl with brown hair smiling improv club is written at the bottom

Kenley Stevenson '22

Solo project that Kenley Stevenson '22 produced for her final project for English 712 Multimedia Storytelling. Here is her description: When University of New Hampshire senior Hannah Grich isn't working asthe lead photographer for Paul College, she's busy running her own photography business, Hannah Grich Photography. Join Hannah on a graduation photoshoot and check out some content from a variety of her senior photos.

picture of a girl taking a picture of a girl standing in a white dress holding a graduation cap and wearing a graduation stole, they are on a raised walkway

English Department: Shakepeare ENGL 657

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Professor Doug Lanier, and the students completing ENGL 657: Shakespeare, worked together to put together a reading of the majority of the final act in The Tempest. Due to the restrictions imposed by COVID-19, this is the first ever Sofa Shakepeare event. Each student reading their parts from home, rather than together in a room. With some effort and editing, they've compiled a truly unique Spring 2020 performance.