UNH English Department Projects

English 401H:  Honors First-Year Writing with Professor Laura Smith

An old black and white picture a man in a suit stands and a woman sits, the man is pointing to a picture of hand-drawn spaceship

Members of English 401H: Honors First-Year Writing visited UNH's Milne Special Collections and Archives to analyze the Betty and Barney Hill Collection, including materials documenting the Hills’ reported abduction by aliens in 1961: typed manuscripts and magazine articles, black and white photographs, paintings, and hand-drawn star charts. https://mypages.unh.edu/archivalanalysis/



Lucky Brand Jeans Internship Experience from UNH English: Text, Business Writing, and Digital Studies major Miranda Marks

four smaller images make up the collage of blue jeans, in the lower right image a model in jeans walks towards the camera

Senior UNH Text, Business, and Digital Studies major Miranda Marks completed her internship with Lucky Brand Jeans this Semester in the English Department "Internship Experience" class with Professor Molly Campbell. Her final presentation on this internship highlights the excellent skills that TBD majors take with them as they enter the workplace. View the full project here: https://express.adobe.com/page/m9iRrccgEQ5O2/


Advanced Technical and Professional Writing

"The Dental Chair Scare" Website and URC Presentation by  Anya Bond

In UNH Advanced Technical and Professional Writing, Anya Bond produced a full website as well as presented her rhetorical research at the UNH Undergraduate Research Conference. Anya plans to become a dentist so she used this opportunity to address the unique subject of dental phobias!

Preview of a website called Dental Chair Scare



"Happy Campus" Website by Dani Corrigan

In UNH Advanced Technical and Professional Writing, Dani Corrigan designed a website centered on how to find happiness and wellness in your college years. HappyCampus offers research-based techniques on surviving and thriving at college!

Preview of a website called Happy Campus




English 501: Intro. to Creative Nonfiction with Professor Melinda White


In English 501: Intro. to Creative Nonfiction with Professor Melinda White, projects convey connections in all sorts of ways and showcase an understanding of "born digital" multimodal composition. These are Digital Writing final presentations and workshop of the Multimodal/Hypertext essay on Connections.




"Mini-Dorms Commercial" by student Allison Musitano (UNH), Digital Literacies with Professor Alecia Magnifico

mini plastic dinosaurs spill across a white surface

Even before COVID, definitions of literacy, language, and literature had grown contested. Our digital age has questioned, synthesized, and reframed traditional understandings of how we learn and teach English. Memorizing content and text from the canon have been key school tasks for 100 years, but critical reading, content curation, and synthesis have rapidly come to anchor our newly information-rich society. What does this mean for the study and teaching of English?

Students in Special Topics in English Teaching: Digital Literacies — Engl 789/889, with Professor Magnifico, work together to examine several central features of digital literacies, as well as the communicative, meaning-making potential of digital media and the social communities that surround these media.



"Shakespeare from the Sofa" performed by Students studying Shakespeare with UNH Professor Doug Lanier

A young woman in modern dress with long hair stares into the camera wearing a crown

Professor Lanier's Shakespeare class produced several student performances of scenes from Shakespeare using smartphones, found settings, and student ingenuity. Here's an example - Henry V 1.2, in which King Henry resolves to go to war to claim the throne of France.




"Seacoast LGBT History Project Internship Presentation" by UNH student Kate Persson, from The Internship Experience with Professor Molly Campbell

A raised hand holds a rainbow flag against the background of a clear blue sky

UNH Text, Business, and Digital Studies major Kate Persson completed her internship with the Seacoast LGBT History Project. Her final presentation shows how scholars like Kate are working with local and national library systems to preserve the history of the LGBTQ community. Through this project Kate was able to learn lots of new skills, including an old one - using VHS tapes! Her presentation is a webpage built using Adobe Exchange which creates a scrolling story of The Project, it's history and her contributions. Students in The Internship Experience with the English department are able to connect their skills with those that are highly sought by today's employers. https://express.adobe.com/page/mGfvVoewuORrW/



Final Projects from UNH English 623: Creative Non-Fiction with Professor Melinda White

A colorful drawing of a woman with her mouth wide open, it's hard to tell if she's yelling, screaming or cheering

This writing intensive course emphasizes the blend of elements that constitute creative nonfiction: research, observation, and personal experience. Digital methods make this overview on 2022 “Space!” Essays a must watch!


Final Projects from UNH English 501: Nonfiction Writing, with Professor Melinda White

A black screen with eyes and mouth on paper that look to be ripped from a magazine

Final Projects from UNH English 501: Nonfiction Writing, with Professor Melinda White. Students practice forms of digital production methods throughout the semester in order to produce projects that combine non-fiction writing with rich media projects.



"Designer Babies: Humanity's Future or Downfall?" by Joshua Hildago. Presented at "We Hold These Truths" NHHC Event. Designed in English 401 with Principle Lecturer Krista Jackman.


Genetically engineered designer babies are a relatively new concept that the science community has been divided over since its conception. This project delves into the possible ethical, moral, medical, and social implications of designer babies, and whether they should become a reality.


Designer Babies: Future or Downfall? against a dark background


"Asian American Discrimination" by Sarah Grace Barba. Presented at the "We Hold These Truths" NHHC Event. Designed in English 401 with Principle Lecturer Krista Jackman. 

Sarah Grace Barba, a UNH student describes this project she submitted for the “We Hold These Truths” NHHC event. “My project is a website that presents historical information I gathered on Asian American Discrimination. I explored related controversies to better understand the current discrimination due to the Covid pandemic.”

Picture of woman in a mask of asian descent with the words AAPI in front, she's holding a sign you can partially read the words "end violence"



From Hype-the-Humanities 2021!


ENGL712 Multimedia Storytelling with Professor Scott Ripley

Hayley Barnhard'22

Hayley Barnhard'22 produced this video for her final project for English 712 Video Storytelling with Professor Scott Ripley. The Durham NH band, Alligator Extinction Plan, plays at the Freedom Cafe's soft opening at their new location

Picture of a seated young woman with the words alligator extinction

Josie Collins '22, Gianna Koning '22, and Melanie Tymn '21

Story produced by Josie Collins '22, Gianna Koning '22, and Melanie Tymn '21 for English 712 Multimedia Storytelling. Here is their description: Although the UNH Improv Club, UNH's one and only Improv Comedy Troupe, has not been able to perform live this year due to coronavirus pandemic restrictions, they have still found creative ways to keep the spirit alive. Johanna Rewucki '21, the producer and member of the club, talks about what the group is doing differently amid the pandemic.

picture of a girl with brown hair smiling improv club is written at the bottom

Kenley Stevenson '22

Solo project that Kenley Stevenson '22 produced for her final project for English 712 Multimedia Storytelling. Here is her description: When University of New Hampshire senior Hannah Grich isn't working asthe lead photographer for Paul College, she's busy running her own photography business, Hannah Grich Photography. Join Hannah on a graduation photoshoot and check out some content from a variety of her senior photos.

picture of a girl taking a picture of a girl standing in a white dress holding a graduation cap and wearing a graduation stole, they are on a raised walkway

English Department: Shakepeare ENGL 657

Find out more about the Department of English at: https://cola.unh.edu/english

Professor Doug Lanier, and the students completing ENGL 657: Shakespeare, worked together to put together a reading of the majority of the final act in The Tempest. Due to the restrictions imposed by COVID-19, this is the first ever Sofa Shakepeare event. Each student reading their parts from home, rather than together in a room. With some effort and editing, they've compiled a truly unique Spring 2020 performance.