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"The Legacy of Anne Hutchinson" Zine by Catie Moloney, British Literature I with Professor Emily Hinnov GBCC

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GBCC English major Catie Moloney modified her Cultural Text project for British Literature to create a zine that explores the relationship between Milton’s Eve and Anne Hutchinson, who was tried for heresy in 1638 and then exiled from the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The zine format riffs on the early ‘90s Riot Grrl phenomenon, an underground group of feminist punks who combined feminism, pop culture, and politics into their self-published zines covering various feminist topics. Catie is transferring to the UNH Journalism program in the fall. Read the entire Zine here:



Erin Dawson / Professor Emily Hinnov – Great Bay Community College Internship Program


Liberal Arts major Erin Dawson, worked on an internship at the Portsmouth Public Library for the Internship in the Humanities course to establish relationships with each of the international language discussion groups hosted by the library, helping them improve how they operate in the future. She met regularly with the Chinese, French, German, Spanish, and Italian groups over Zoom as well as in person and spent time promoting outreach about the discussion groups at GBCC. Finally, Erin made headway in her goal to establish a working relationship between the Indonesian community and the library by facilitating a meeting with the president of the Indonesian Cultural Center in Somersworth, NH.

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Erin Dawson describes her internship with the Portsmouth Library Language Programs

"I have been working on revitalizing the language discussion groups at the Portsmouth Public Library for my internship and have been trying to add Indonesian as an additional language (right now there are five other groups which include: German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, and French). I am working on promoting these discussion groups (which are free and do not require a library card nor does anyone have to sign up) via outreach to local colleges. I believe they are very beneficial to anyone who loves speaking another language or would love to learn! I also have been working on establishing a relationship between the Indonesian Community Connect, LLC and the Portsmouth Library to help bring awareness and more education about Indonesian culture while allocating resources for the Indonesian community of the seacoast to use at the library. I've included a picture of just myself as well as a few photos of one of the cafes that myself and the director of the Portsmouth Library attended at the Indonesian Cultural Center in Somersworth, NH. (all three photos were taken by the Indonesian Community Connect, LLC and are located on their Facebook page). The ICC (Indonesian Community Connect) hosts cafes every Saturday, and I used the opportunity to introduce the ICC's president to the director of the Portsmouth Library"

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"Society and Technological Change"

Great Bay Community College students in Professor Steve Bargdill’s Society & Technological Change Sociology class, were asked to choose a literary movement and to showcase how that literary movement reacted to the technology of the particular historical movement. 

Website by Hannah Karampatsos 


Preview of website on Edgar Allen Poe

Podcast by Deluna Darmawan


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