Hype the Humanities 2021 May 10th-14th

Hype-the-Humanities 2021!

During May 10th - 14th We will be featuring work from UNH and CCSNH humanities clasess. If you have a digital way students are presenting their work, share it with us and we'll share it with the world!!


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What is Hype-the-Humanities?

Hype-the-Humanities is a HUGEmanitiesTMProject initiative, funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation in partnership with the UNH College of Liberal Arts and The New Hampshire Humanities Collaborative. Hype-the-Humanities is a 2020 initiative that is focused on delivering digital artifacts of culminating COLA departmental events in an effort to publicize the dedication and achievements of our College of Liberal Arts Students. In this way, we can applaud our COLA students whose deserved end-of-semester attention will be eclipsed by COVID-19, and the lack of a face-to-face presence on our Durham campus.

If your project is being featured, make sure everyone has filled out the Waiver!!


Check out some of last year's featured Projects and Presentations

Hype-the-Humanities Week is May 4th – May 8th, 2020.


Featured Projects Thursday May 7th

The Tempest 5.1: Sofa Shakespeare


Despite challenges raised by COVID-19, Professor Doug Lanier and the students in Englis 657: Shakespeare, have created a digital reading of the final act of Shakespeare's "The Tempest".

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Spanish 797

Boy sits with futuristic glasses on, title reads secretos de xanadu

Working in tandem with students and faculty from the Pontificia Universidad Católica, UNH students created a screenplay for a commercial; their Colombian counterparts designed mock-ups of videogames and a graphic novel based on Rodríguez’s “Secrets of Xanadu” novellaSee more


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Tejas Moses, Ceramics



Tejas Moses is a senior Bachelor of Fine Arts candidate in Ceramics at the University of New Hampshire. Please enjoy his “Post Covid Wall” exhibit!
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Emilee Lenning, French 632, Final Project


Emilee Lenning reflects on her spring semester at UNH - her ups and downs of life as a UNH student. This was an assignment for a French conversation class, the videos are in French, with English subtitles. See more


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Dance Apart Together


Dance Apart Together: Dance is a universal language. Students from all over campus, across all colleges, can take dance at UNH. 

These students  are dance/theatre majors, future engineers, writers, scientists, nurses...But when we come together in the studio, it is magic. For just a moment, we are given the opportunity to share the same energy....See more


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Picture of a lion laying down with the words an Ancestral Legacy in cursive, below it reads Created by Dr. Golomski’s ANTH 680 class

Celebrating 20 years of the Seacoast African American Cultural Center in Portsmouth, students in ANTH680 curated an exhibit of Africana art and material culture titled “An Ancestral Legacy,” to accompany the former White House photographer Peter Souza's "Obama: An Intimate Portrait," a traveling photograph exhibit.See more


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Camryn Luby, Humanities Thesis


Camryn Luby created a video on zoom with a powerpoint to summarize the idea of her Humanities thesis!

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Blue square reads Featured Projects Wednesday May 6

THDA Stage Combat

When there is violence onstage, it is choreographed by a fight director.  Learning stage combat makes an actor more marketable.  In Theatre and Dance’s Stage Combat course, students learn hand-to-hand combat.

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Lansing Ward, Photography

Lansing Ward is a senior BFA candidate at the University of New Hampshire. Please enjoy his photography here!

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Allison Hoey,  Fine Arts


Paiting of person peeking over a sink by Allison Hoey

Allison Hoey is a senior, Bachelor of Fine Arts candidate at the University of New Hampshire. Please enjoy her work!

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Julia Paquette, "The Biblical Origins of Satan"


Julia Paquette is a Biomedical Sciences major in HUMA 527(H): Humanities and Religion: Followers of the One God: an Introduction to Judaism, Christianity and Islam and presented her research on “The Biblical Origins of Satan"See more


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Democracy Now!

powerpoint slide, tree with many branches representing many groups involved in democracy now

Democracy Now, a mock nominating convention was held at UNH in November, 2019. More than 300 students from UNH and four area community colleges (Great Bay, Nashua, River Valley and Lakes Region) participated in the daylong event, hosted by the College of Liberal Arts and the New Hampshire Humanities Collaborative.See more



Featured Projects Monday May 5th

"Bone Blades" by by Wei Zhao



International Voices is a student-run journal that publishes the work of students writing and creating across borders. Bone Blades was published in International Voices No.7 in 2019. The poem was written by Wei Zhao, who loves creative writing and photography. It talks about the feeling of psychological illness and tries to make it visual.See more


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Justin Leach Music Recital

Senior Recital Highlights

On April 25th, Music Major / IT Minor Justin Leach performed his senior recital live on YouTube.  This this a short segment of his entire performance which features original music, backing tracks, and unaccompanied solo trombone.  You can see the entire recital under "see more"

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The Greek Myth Files


“The Greek Myth Files” a smart but accessible podcast on Greek myths written and developed by UNH students taking INCO 590, in collaboration with the Greek Myth Lab.

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Department of Art and Art History

Please enjoy this video showcasing the Department of Art and Art History, and all it has to offer!

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Katherine Gleason, Ceramics

Katherine Gleason is a Senior BA student in Ceramics. Please enjoy her Ceramics Rainbow video here!See more





Featured Projects Monday May 4th


French 632 Final Project by Frances Copeman

Students in Professor Ileana D Chirila's French 632 have reflected on their Spring semester at UNH, and prepared a short video highlighting the ups and downs of their life as a UNH student. Because this was an assignment for French conversation class, the videos are in French but have English subtitles (or short explanations). International student Frances Copeman is featured here.

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Culminating Experiences for the COLA Art Department

All week long we'll be featuring projects from students enrolled in Art & Arti History classes at UNH, get a preview of the fun by going to 


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Classics, Humanities, and Italian Studies (CHI)



The short documentary “The Making of Clorilli”, directed and produced by Sophia Kurzius (Journalism, ’20), brings to life the North American premiere of the long-lost Renaissance pastoral play Clorilli by Leonora Bernardi, starring UNH CHI students and featuring the talents of students from the Department of Music. https://mypages.unh.edu/hugemanities/hype-humanitiesSee more


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Questions? Please email Krista Jackman Krista.Jackman@UNH.edu or Molly Campbell M.Campbell@UNH.edu with any questions.

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