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THE EYE  NHTI's Student Journal: Indigenous Affairs Edition

The student editors of The Eye, NHTI's student journal, collaborated to create a special online edition focusing on indigenous issues in society and education. The site features a video edited from a panel discussion with indigenous residents of NH and members of the Indigenous New Hampshire Collaborative. We have also created a list of resources, which we hope will become a living document and evolve to include more student writing. The edition emerged out of our Campus Reads series, in which we hosted a discussion of Joy Harjo's An American Sunrise and this panel discussion. We explored the issues facing indigenous people and how those of us in higher education can increase our understanding, awareness, and support for indigenous people in N.H. and across the U.S. NHTI students selected An American Sunrise by Joy Harjo as the spring 2021 Campus Reads title to delve more deeply into indigenous studies. Harjo is serving her second term as the poet laureate of theU.S. and is the first Native American U.S. poet laureate.

Link: http://www.nhteye.com/indigenous-affairs-edition


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NHTI The Arts, with Professor Paula DelBonis-Platt

This multimedia presentation compels the audience to view the arts as vital to our collective wellbeing. By examining how visual and performing arts are created and consumed to cope with the pandemic, we illustrate how the arts can be a unifying force during a time of isolation. Additionally, we share iconic artwork born of previous health crises and recently created pieces that tell the pandemic story in a spectrum of human emotion.

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1leyUSs2s4M8v6Wbc-CprfCOqVd2u_B2A/view

Polaroid images of young black people with names and dates written on them, links to video

Additional Resources: https://givenhcc.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Pandemic-resource-list.pdf