UNH Spanish with Mauricio Pulecio

Students are presenting a myriad of Hispanic film productions, including acclaimed movies such as Roma (2018), The Platform (2019), Embrace of the Serpent (2015), among others. Their videos discuss social and cultural issues from countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela. Also, students analyze art design, symbolism, historic background, and acting while practicing their Spanish. Those videos are contributing to appreciate the importance of international film for educating on other realities and human diversity. Lastly, they provide very interesting recommendations if you are looking for something to watch over the weekend!

 Emily Clegg and Kylie Lowrie Spanish Presentation: 

Joseph Stark and Mina O’Reilly: 

Elinor Schelleng and Justin Dalton

Brooke McMahon and Emily Thorsen

Rachel Breault and Emma Lucas


Richard Zuccaro and Emily Concemi:

Eli Longa and Sebastian Hart-Meyer:

Taya Semon and Elizabeth Nash:

Joseph Stark and Owen Mayer:

Stephen Kysor and Kylee Jedraszek:

Melissa Faulkner and Liberty Lyman:




Spanish 797

Working in tandem with students and faculty from the Pontificia Universidad Católica (Bogotá, Colombia), four students from Professor Scott Weintraub’s Spanish 797 Fall 2019 class (“Hispanic Literatures and Cultures in the Digital Age”)—Audrey Bradley, Brooke Seigars, Hayden Stinson, and Lindsey Wood—studied a dystopian novella by Colombian writer Jaime Alejandro Rodríguez, theorizing about possible prequels/sequels/remediations (as interactive online narratives, video games, role play games, etc.), and engaged in an exercise of collective (re-)writing and adaptation. In their narrative expansion for this transnational and transdisciplinary “jam session,” UNH students created a screenplay for a commercial; their Colombian counterparts designed mock-ups of videogames and a graphic novel based on Rodríguez’s “Secrets of Xanadu” novella. This image is from their work.

Boy sits with futuristic glasses on, title reads secretos de xanadu