Classics, Humanities, and Italian Studies

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MANTO Greek Myth Database with Professor Scott Smith

MANTO is an international collaboration to create a comprehensive Greek Myth database with visualization tools. The team includes UNH Professor Scott Smith, a scholar of myth in Australia, and a lot of students who are crucial to the development of the project. The principal contributing students are: Ari Toumpas (Classics 2019), Kennis Barker (PSYC and CLAS 2021), Audrey Coleman (Astrophysics 2021).


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UNH Classics with Professor Anna Marra

Italian American Roots is a multimedia e-magazine. 12 students pursued passion projects exploring diverse and underrepresented facets of Italian-American identity to create a cohesive e-magazine. All independent projects illustrated the theme of Italian-American identity in New England, inspired by the semester’s coursework. In studying local Italian American identity students gained a better understanding of how culture intersects with other areas of lived experience. This is the inaugural issue of an anticipated multi-year project.


Italian American Roots


Classics with Professor Scott Smith

A featured podcast on Greek Myth, written and produced by the Classics Program and their crack team of UNH undergraduate students!


"The Making of Clorilli"

The short documentary “The Making of Clorilli”, directed and produced by Sophia Kurzius (Journalism, ’20), brings to life the North American premiere of the long-lost Renaissance pastoral play Clorilli by Leonora Bernardi, starring UNH CHI students and featuring the talents of students from the Department of Music. The production, directed by Anna Newman in a translation by Anna Wainwright, was the latest iteration of a beloved tradition, the annual CHI play. Performances took place in May of 2019—the show will go on in Fall 2020 in Murkland Hall, with the delayed but spectacular production of Plautus’Menaechmi.


"The Greek Myth Files"

“The Greek Myth Files” a smart but accessible podcast on Greek myths written and developed by UNH students taking INCO 590, in collaboration with the greek myth lab.


"The Biblical Origins of Satan"

Julia Paquette is a Biomedical Sciences major in HUMA 527(H): Humanities and Religion: Followers of the One God: an Introduction to Judaism, Christianity and Islam and presented her research on “The Biblical Origins of Satan"



Camryn Luby, Humanities Senior Thesis 

Camryn Luby summarizes her senior thesis in the humanities in this video. Congratulations on completing her senior year!