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Assaf Benchetrito The 2020-2021 UNH Dance Company

Presenting Assaf Benchetrito The 2020-2021 UNH Dance Company annual production: Dance is deep in human nature and, therefore, it is here to stay! Covid is not! Although it was a very challenging year, together we found our creative way to keep dancing, performing and choreographing!


Naked Arts: Creativity Exposed!

A three-part eventthat exposes the inner creative process of artists working in various disciplines. Presenters will describe the process, research, and other creative aspects undertaken to bring an artistic creation from initial inspiration to the stage or gallery.

Julia Sommer "Directing a Play During a Pandemic"

Emily Wozer "I am a Dancer" Choreographic Meaning

Alise Shuten "Dance/Movement Therapy in a Psychotherapy Culture"

Clare Terrio "My Body is Home, Self-Image and Dance"

Tyler DiGregorio-Aubin "The Applications of 3D Printing in Theater and Entertainment"



THDA 554, Stage Combat

When there is violence onstage, it is choreographed by a fight director. Learning stage combat makes an actor more marketable. In Theatre and Dance’s Stage Combat course, students learn hand-to-hand combat. Their second assignment required they pick a written scene that could justify violence. Working with a partner, each group created original choreography that included hand-to-hand techniques they had been learning. Students concentrated on using found objects (items that would likely be found in their setting that can serve as weapons of convenience to help defend oneself). 

 Fight 1 - Olivia Fonseca and Andrew Steven Knight (Macbeth)

Fight 2 – Alex Natario and Galen Graham (Napoleon Dynamite)

Fight 3 – Aaron Carson and James Matthews (The Night Man Cometh featured on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia)


THDA 563 & 663, Dance Apart Together

Dance is a universal language. Students from all over campus, across all colleges, can take dance at UNH. 

These students  are dance/theatre majors, future engineers, writers, scientists, nurses...But when we come together in the studio, it is magic. For just a moment, we are given the opportunity to share the same energy in a space we call home.



THDA II From Now On


From Now on THDA III