X Marks the Spot: A Cross-College Conversation of Social Contemporary Issues


This fall, the New Hampshire Humanities Collaborative (NHHC) introduces an online cross-campus discussion exploring today’s social issues. We invite participants from UNH and the seven community colleges to interact in one forum, creating bonds and making connections.We encourage a robust discussion, respectful of all views and civil in tone. 

Every two weeks, a new discussion prompt will post on the “X Marks the Spot” Discussion Board housed HERE. The discussion board is open to students in CCSNH/UNH courses, recognized student groups, and participating faculty and staff. New prompts will open on Mondays and stay active for two weeks.

We encourage a robust discussion, respectful of all views and civil in tone. Each discussion will be moderated by a faculty member from UNH or CCSNH.

Enter the conversation here!


How to Participate in the “X Marks the Spot” Forum

  1. Your instructor may provide instructions on assignment requirements for use of this discussion in their class. Of course, follow those guidelines if provided.
  2.  If you were not given a specific, assignment, we suggest choosing at least TWO forums from the list below. We encourage you to choose questions that make your heart beat a little faster. These are the most challenging to voice an initial response AND most important to hear the perspective of others.
  3. Post an initial response on the “X Marks the Spot” discussion board. Please remember this is an academic conversation and follows similar guidelines as our class discussions: consider referencing or citing from outside sources and provide necessary evidence for your claims. Be thoughtful about your sources. You are welcome to link to articles, videos, and images.
  4. Perhaps respond to two other posts on the forum. Consider replying to perspectives that differ from yours. As we emphasize an academic forum, strong discussion board responses demonstrate that you’ve read and processed the initial post, offer a few points from your perspective, and then encourage the conversation to move forward.


Discussion Questions and Dates:

September 28: Is there a definition of what it is to be an American? Try to define it.

October 5: How has COVID-19 brought us together?

October 19: How has the death of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement changed our perceptions of ourselves and our place in society?

November 2: On the 100th anniversary of women gaining the right to vote, what does voting (or citizenship) mean to you and to America?

November 16: Should statues of controversial figures remain on public display as a physical monument to or just reminder of history?

November 30: The coronavirus has affected individual countries disproportionately and overall has made wealth inequalities even more evident. How might the world move past the worst of this global pandemic and also use this time to address issues of inequality and poverty?

December 7: How are art, music, and creativity helping us though social distancing and upheavals in our lives?



Download: Cross College Forum - Introduction and Assignment.docx63 KB