Welcome to the International Student Experience! This is a resource for incoming international students and UNH students who do not know about the international student experience on campus.


  • For more information about this project and the People Behind it, click on the "About this project" tab.
  • Check out the tab "Where international students are from?" to see interactive heat maps about where UNH students and UNH alumni come from!
  • If you are interested in seeing interviews of international students who have had different experiences on campus, check out the "Interviews" tab.
  • Under the "Resources" tab, there is information about the international student experience specific to campus, as well as resources at UNH and in the surrounding areas that are available for international students! 

The words in this word cloud represent phrases that international students used describe their UNH experiences with. Some of the most popular words include fun, friendship, community, cold, professional, rewarding, and love!