Personal Interviews

Click on the link to the left to submit your own video or audio interview about your experiences at UNH! Here are some interviews to watch, so you can get an idea about some of the topics you can talk about when discussing your own interview: 

Solimar Collado's Interview:


This is an example of an interview with Solimar Collado, a UNH hall director and graduate of UNH. She is not an international student, but volunteered to speak about how her home country of Puetro Rico differed culturally from her time at UNH as a Community Assistant, Graduate Student, and now Hall Director of Adam's Tower West. She has enjoyed her time at UNH and has really made the most of her experience here!


Mohamed Altamimi's Interview: 


This is an example of an interivew with Mohamed Altamimi, a junior international student from the United Arab Emirates. He is at UNH studying Physics and has really enjoyed his time on campus with his involvement in many organizations. He recognizes the difficulties of food being provided by the campus that fit the students needs. He loves New Hampshire and has really made UNH his home!