About Me

Brittany BloomMy  name is Brittany Bloom and I am an English TBD (Text, Business Writing and Digital Studies) major at the University of New Hampshire, expected to graduate in 2021. For the past few years, I have visualized myself spending my post-college years in the field of digital marketing. Though the idea had crossed my mind at the start of my freshman year, I chose to spend the year undeclared, as UNH did not offer a digital marketing program. After speaking with multiple advisors, I made the decision to declare the new English TBD major and pair it with a minor in Business Administration, in hopes of gaining a unique experience between the two. 

I heard about the HUGEmanities Digital Projects Institute through three of my professors at UNH. When the program was introduced to me, I almost felt obligated to apply. I knew the institute would further my knowledge of various digital tools, which is an element that I feel certain classes tend to lack. I also knew I would be able to apply this newfound knowledge and experience to a project which would benefit my fellow students, as well as our surrounding communities. As explained on the home page, I chose to explore the topic of homelessness in order to raise awareness. I believe this project could help to start a conversation about homelessness and decrease the stigma which surrounds it, which would benefit our community greatly.

This project was created with the use of funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.




Digital Projects Institute