INterview with Peter MacDonald


Peter MacDonald is a Vietnam Veteran who spent a portion of his life homeless once he returned from the conflict. Following his homelessness, he purchased property in Lee, NH where he has built five tiny homes. These homes are available to homeless veterans to help them get back into society. 
Interview with UNH Student
This student, who prefers to remain anonymous, is currently a Senior Biochemistry major at UNH. She had a personal experience with homelessness during a semester at UNH where she was living out of her car. This interview provides some perspective and insight into the life of a homeless student. 


Interview with Sue Durkin


Sue Durkin is the Former Clinical Director at Families First Health Center in Portsmouth, NH, and spent 10 years working In the Healthcare for Homeless program. She provides insight into the homelessness problem in the Seacoast Area, and offers her perspective on the "invisible" population of homeless people.