Pilot Questionnaire

The following questionnaire was conducted to get an idea of the ways in which members of our communty (both UNH students and residents of the area) view the issue of homelessness. The questions included are intended to create an understanding of people's feelings towards homeless people, their views on why homelessness is an issue, and their views on practices against homeless people. The full questionnaire can be viewed as an attachment at the bottom of the page.

Questionnaire Response
Question seven, pictured above, had a particularly interesting pool of responses. When asked if the seacoast area had a homelessness, the majority of people were either unsure of any homelessness problem, or did not believe there was not a problem at all. From these responses, it is evident that many people in the area are unaware of the severity of the homelessness issue.


homelessness_pilot_questionnaire.pdf496 KB