Resources for UNH Students:

Emergency support: Students experiencing emergency housing loss may contact the Dean of Students office at 862-2053. Students may also call Coordinated Entry at (603) 435-2448 or by dialing 211. This will connect them with different shelter options in the state of New Hampshire. (Coordinated Entry hours are M-F 9am-5pm when dialing (603) 435-2448, however the statewide hotline can be reached after hours by dialing 211 from a New Hampshire area code phone).

Short Break Options: During thanksgiving break, the University is able to connect students with members of the community through a partnership with local faith groups. Students can contact the Dean of Students office at 862-2053. Housing on campus is also available at the cost of $75 over thanksgiving break and $125 over spring break, however no meal plan is available during these times. The application is available at

January Term Resources: Students may live in UNH Housing over January break at a total cost of $375, or at a week by week rate of $100 per week. The application can be found at Block plans are available at the dining halls as well during their hours of operation. The UNH ID and Dining Office can be contacted at 603-862-1821 or at  

Swipe It Forward Program: Students in need of support for food insecurity can access the Swipe It Forward program through the Dean of Students office at 862-2053.

Summer Resources: Career and Professional Services (CaPS) has put together a list of employers that provide housing as part of their summer employment package. Along with this, CaPS can assist in finding employers that may provide housing during the school year. For more information, please contact

Inn Between: Inn Between is a way in which students can help support their peers. It is a fund available to UNH students facing homelessness, and is used to pay for UNH housing over short breaks and January Term. To contribute, visit, select find a fund, then click on Inn Between. Or, contact Jackie Peterson at or Lynn Beaver in the Dean of Students Office at or 862-2053. Staff and students may also contribute directly from their paychecks. These funds can be accessed by students by contacting the Dean of Students office at 862-2053.


Resources for Homeless Veterans:

Tiny Homes for Veterans: Located at 101 Stepping Stone Road, Lee, NH 03861. Tiny homes are available for any veteran to occupy. There is a chapel set up on the property set up to accomodate all religeons. That chapel usually has canned food available as well.

Liberty House: Liberty house is a small house community located at 75 W Baker St, Manchester, NH 03103. It is a resource for struggling and/or homeless veterans. Their model is "Sobriety and Recovery, Mental and Physical Wellness, Meaningful Work, and Quality Housing." They have a zero tolerence policy for alcohol and drug use. To uphold this policy, they require testing upon admission and random tests thereafter. They can be reached at (603) 669-0761. For more information, go to 


Shelter Options:

Cross Roads House: Cross Roads House is a homeless shelter located at 600 Lafayette Road
Portsmouth, NH. According to their website, they provide a "transitional shelter to homeless men, women, and children in the Seacoast area. [They] provide homeless families and individuals with basic necessities, as well as the tools and guidance they need to return to permanent housing." They have 24/7 assistance available and can be reached at (603) 436-2218 or

My Friends Place: My Friends Place provides emergency and transitional housing for men, women and children. Located at, 368 Washington Street, Dover, New Hampshire 03820, the building is staffed 24/7. My friends place can be contacted at (603) 749-3017

New Generation: New generation is a shelter which aims to provide "a safe, family-oriented shelter for homeless pregnant women and mothers with babies and children, helping to prepare and empower them to be successful in life." The shelter also includes a thrift shop/furniture barn to support their mission. All proceeds from the shop go towards New Generation Programs. For more information, visit The shelter is located at 568 Portsmouth Ave, Greenland, NH 03840.


Soup Kitchens/Food Pantrys:

Waysmeet Center: The Waysmeet Center, located at 15 Mill Road Durham, NH 03824 is home to the Cornucopia Food Pantry. The food pantry's hours of operation are Tuesdays 4:00-5:30 PM, and Fridays 12:00-1:00 PM; Wednesdays 3:00-5:00pm for UNH students only. Donations are accepted during or outside our operating hours and can be dropped off in the donation bin inside The Waysmeet Center. They can be contacted at (603) 862-1165 or at

Operation Blessing: Operation Blessing is a nonprofit organization designed to fight poverty and addiction. Not only do they offer a food pantry, but also seasonally appropriate clothing as well as household items. They are located at 600A Lafayette Road Portsmouth, NH 03801. They can be contacted at (603) 430-8561 or at

Common Table: Common Table is a weekly soup kitchen located at the St. John's Episcopal Church, 101 Chapel St, Portsmouth, NH 03801. Every Thursday at noon, a nutritious, hot meal is provided. A Common Table meal consists of salad, protein, vegetable, starch, beverage and dessert. Every meal begins with a choice of beverage: juices, water, milk, coffee or tea; and ends with a choice of dessert: cookies, brownies, ice cream, cupcakes. For more information, visit The fact sheet at the bottom of the page is particularly helpful. To contact common table, reach out to a staff member


Healthcare Resources:

Families First: Families First in Portsmouth, NH Provides mobile health care for people experiencing homelessness or low income. Both healthcare and dental care are offered to people who are: 

  • Living in a shelter, rooming house or winter rental
  • Couch surfing (staying with family or friends)
  • Camping, living outdoors, living in a car
  • Doing seasonal work
  • Living at Margeson Apartments in Portsmouth
  • Using the St. Vincent DePaul Community Assistance Center in Exeter

Appointments are not required, and neither is health insurance. If a patient does not have health insurance, they will try to assist them in getting it. If not, the patients visit is priced based on their ability to pay. For more information, visit They can be contacted at (603) 422-8208.