Welcome to the World of Fairies

  • dance
  • Sophie

    Fairies bring wealth and magic to those who know them.

    Never forget to talk to fairies when you see them.

  • book

    Jane Eyre's "Autobiography" is full of lies.

    Jane has become rich and famous telling lies about my and my family and hiding the truth of her wicked fairy nature.

  • Elsie

    Elsie Wright, who photographed fairies

    At Cottingely two sisters became friends with the fairies and took pictures of them.

  • Haddon

    Thornfield Hall and the Unseelie Court

    Thornfield Hall was a well-known lair of evil fairies.


Welcome to the World of the Fairies!

I am so glad you have come to visit my website and join in the magical world of fairies. I wil introduce you to these beautiful and sometimes terrifying, creatures, and tell you stories of my life with them. 


Learn the Truth about Jane Eyre's Lies!

Jane Eyre's false and mean-spirited "autobiography" hides the frightening truth. Jane is a wicked fairy, who cursed the lives of myself and my beautiufl family. Her book reveals her true nature and malevolent acts, if you know how to read it correctly.