The Brief Mood Introspection Scale (BMIS)

Overview of the Brief Mood Introspection Scale

The BMIS scale is an open-source mood scale consisting of 16 mood-adjectives to which a person responds (e.g., Are you "happy"?). The scale can yield measures of overall pleasant-unpleasant mood, arousal-calm mood, and it also can be scored according to positive-tired and negative-calm mood.

The authors give their permission for its general research use. Please, though, credit the original article as the source for the scale. The proper APA citation is:

Mayer, J. D., & Gaschke, Y. N. (1988). The experience and meta-experience of mood. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 55, 102-111.

The scale is available on this site in four versions: English, French, Spanish and Urdu. Additional translations are available in the psychological literature. The links for getting the scale and for learning more about it are below.



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