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Montage of the original scientific articles and test manual on emotional intelligence with the TIME magazine EI cover

The TIME magazine EI cover

Original US cover of Daniel Goleman's book Emotional Intelligence

Circular diagram of the four-branch model of emotional intelligence

"Branch" diagram of the four-branch model of emotional inteligence

The full four-branch model from Mayer & Salovey (1995) in a graphic reimagining  by Cindy Ko Permission to use this rendition of the Mayer and Salvoey figure was granted by Cindy Ko and by Rose Whitlock, Domestic Rights Intern of the Hachette Book Group, 53 State Street, 9th Floor,  Boston, MA 02109 via e-mail on February 13th, 2017.


Courtesy of Taylor & Francis Publishing...50 free PDF reprints

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Posted 17 June 2020: From Taylor & Francis...50 free PDF reprints of just-published Mayer, J. D. (2019) An integrated approach to personality assessment based on the personality systems framework. Journal of Personality Assessment. Use this link for the PDF:

Posted (approx.) June 2019...From Taylor & Francis Publishing...50 free PDF reprints of the just-published (2018) Employees High in Personal Intelligence Differ From Their Colleagues in Workplace Perceptions and Behavior (Journal of Personality Assessment). Use this link from the publisher: https://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/Y5VE8wQPj7aa8NYUA4we/full