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The following is a starting reconstruction and updating of our original UNH webpage about Emotional Intelligence. The webpage was among the first responsible sources of information about emotional intelligence. The reconstruction is only partial, and just beginning, so please bear with us. The purpose is not to preserve the orignal site in its entirety, but rather to update it as we proceed and focus on its most useful contents.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

The systematic study of emotional intelligence is often dated to the early 1990s, when scientific articles suggested that there existed an unrecognized but important human mental ability to reason about emotions and to use emotions to enhance thought.

Journalistic accounts of emotional intelligence in books and magazines of the mid-1990s explained the concept to an interested public -- but not without introducing some crucial inaccuracies. Moreover, much has been learned about emotional intelligence since those early writings.

So what is emotional intelligence really? This area of the site describes emotional intelligence and a key model of the concept. To learn more, click on the associated topics (the narrative will appear beneath the menu).

Emotional Intelligence

What Is Emotional Intelligence (EI)?

What is emotional intelligence?

The Four-Branch Model of emotional intelligence</a></li>

How does this model compare to other approaches to emotional intelligence?

Who is emotionally intelligent -- and how does it matter?

Why study emotional intelligence together with personality psychology?

A glossary of terms related to EI

Overview of Emotional Intelligence





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