The Four-Mood Introspection Scale (FMIS)


The Four-Mood Introspection Scale (PDF) (Alternate MS Word ver) is a 16-mood-adjective checklist arranged similarly to the BMIS but that measures four moods: Happiness, Anger, Fear, and Sadness. It was introduced as the criterion measure for the lab's music-imagery mood inductions and is reported in this article:

Mayer, J. D., Allen, J., & Beauregard, K. (1995). Mood inductions for four specific moods: procedure employing guided imagery vignettes with music. Journal of Mental Imagery, 19, 133-150

The scale performs quite well given its brief length.

Scoring the Four-Mood Introspection Scale (FMIS)

The response scale on the FMIS is coded XX=1, X=2, V=3 and VV=4. To score the four scales on the FMIS, for each scale, simply add together the ratings given for each of the items on the scale.

The four scales are:
Happiness: Cheerful, Happy, Lively, Joyful
Anger: Angry, Hostile, Furious, Mad
Fearful: Fearful, Nervous, Scared, Afraid
Sadness: Blue, Depressed, Unhappy, Sad

For example, on the "Happiness" scale, if a participant responsed V, X, V, and VV to Cheerful, Happy, Lively and Joyful respectively, they would receive a scores of 3+2+3+4, or 12. (There are no reverse-scored items on the scale).

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