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Welcome to the website of the Personality Laboratory at the University of New Hampshire. The laboratory is supervised by Professor John D. Mayer and is part of the Social-Personality Program of the Department of Psychology. The work of the laboratory focuses on research in personality. Some research is theoretical in nature and other research is empirical. The lab's contemporary view of personality is guided by the personality systems framework

The laboratory's empirical research is focused at present on studies of people-centered intelligences, including primarily personal intelligence and emotional intelligence, including how mental abilities are best conceptualized, measured, and their relationships to life outcomes. Other research concerns studies of lifespace measures and on new empirical methods for testing conceptual models of personality, such as methods for testing conceptual divisions of personality into key structural areas. We also continue our work in the measurement of mood states.


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Courtesy of Taylor & Francis Publishing...50 free PDF reprints

Limited Free Reprints of Recent Articles Available from Publishers

Posted 17 June 2020: From Taylor & Francis...50 free PDF reprints of just-published Mayer, J. D. (2019) An integrated approach to personality assessment based on the personality systems framework. Journal of Personality Assessment. Use this link for the PDF:

Posted (approx.) June 2019...From Taylor & Francis Publishing...50 free PDF reprints of the just-published (2018) Employees High in Personal Intelligence Differ From Their Colleagues in Workplace Perceptions and Behavior (Journal of Personality Assessment). Use this link from the publisher:


Key Book on Personal Intelligence

Personal Intelligence: The Power of Personality and How it Shapes Our Lives

Key Textbooks on Personality and Measurement

Personality: A Systems Approach (2nd Edition)

The Elements of Mental Tests

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For additional information, see our companion website at the UNH Scholars Repository. The link is:


Personality: A Systems Approach

The Elements of Mental Tests

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Link to the Original UNH Personality Lab Website. You have reached the new UNH Personality Laboratory website. This site is being developed now and is not yet completed. If you are interested in seeing more on the Personality Systems Framework, or downloading any of our open-source measures of mood, you may also want to try our legacy UNH Personality Lab website by clicking on the heading or here