Lab Software Code

Computer Code

Check for longstring responding on surveys (e.g., strings of "1s" or "Bs" in a survey)

Johnson, J. A. & Mayer,  J. D. (2020). Code for checking longstring responding in SPSS (and a pdf version here). Web Technical Document Developed at the State University of Pennsylvania and University of New Hampshire. Downloaded from 

Regression Interaction Calculator and Graphing in Excel

Mayer, J. D. (2020). Regression interaction calculator and graphing in Excel (3rd E.). Web code developed at the University of New Hampshire personality lab. Downloaded from: 

Model Code for Screening Survey Respondents

A link to SPSS model code for screening survey respondents. Note that the screening does not include a longstring responding section because responses to the Personal Intelligence Lifespace Scale, which this model code addressed, was open ended. SPSS code here.

R Code for the three factor analyses in "Graphic 1. Some Basics Regarding Factor Models of Correlation Matrices"

The R code for the factor analyses depicted in Graphic 1 can be found here.

Use Zotero open-source referencing, generating "APA-6th Edition" style output, without the issue numbers for every item.

Open-source document, courtesy of, modified by Mayer, J. D. (2019). Zotero APA Style Publication Manual 6th Edition with No Issue Numbers. "APA6thNoIssueNo-JDM-MOD.txt". Notes:

  • To add this to Zotero, (a) copy the code to your local computer, (b) change the file extension from .txt to .csl, (c) go to "Manage Styles" in Zotero and add the style.
  • To then add the style in 2019, you needed to click on a grey box with a plus sign in it beneath the styles box.
  • Note that this file will overwrite the current APA6th style that you have. If you do not like this approach, you can then can return to what you had before by downloading the standard APA style from the online Zotero website.
  • To see the modified line of code, search for JDM


Courtesy of Taylor & Francis Publishing...50 free PDF reprints

Limited Free Reprints of Recent Articles Available from Publishers

Posted 17 June 2020: From Taylor & Francis...50 free PDF reprints of just-published Mayer, J. D. (2019) An integrated approach to personality assessment based on the personality systems framework. Journal of Personality Assessment. Use this link for the PDF:

Posted (approx.) June 2019...From Taylor & Francis Publishing...50 free PDF reprints of the just-published (2018) Employees High in Personal Intelligence Differ From Their Colleagues in Workplace Perceptions and Behavior (Journal of Personality Assessment). Use this link from the publisher: